FrightWalk 2017: A Haunted House in the basement of
St. Benedict Church at 2215 W Irving Park Road

Deep in the dark recesses of the Church basement,  a long-forgotten bricked-off part of the original school has been discovered. No one knows how or why that part of the school vanished, but the truth of what happened all those years ago is undoubtedly a tale of terror and mysterious disappearances. Dare to walk into the shell of an old decrepit classroom, where an evil zombie teacher slaps her bloody yardstick into her boney hand. Beware of the evil boiler man, mysteriously missing for years, who lurks behind the walls. You'd better stay in line or you will be forced to scratch the words "I will not disobey the teacher" over and over and over again on the chalkboard for all eternity...


Thursday, Oct 20  7-10PM
Saturday, Oct 21  7-10PM
Friday, Oct 27 3:30-5:30PM (Light On)
Friday, Oct 27 7-10:30PM
Saturday, Oct 28  7-10:30PM
Sunday, Oct 29   2-3:30PM (Light On)
Sunday, Oct 29 8-10PM

LIGHTS ON: a low scare alternative for younger children on October 27th from 3:30 - 5:30PM
and October 29th from 2-3:30PM

Re-visits on the same night: $2/each re-visit (on the same night of the original ticket purchase)
Lights on Tickets: $2

Concessions Available for purchase