Installation Mass and Reception for Father Steve Kanonik, the Ninth Pastor of
St. Benedict Parish - Saturday, October 28th. All invited to attend this special day!

We hope that you and your family will attend the Installation Mass on Saturday, October 28th at 5PM. Father Stephen Kanonik will be our 9th pastor here at St. Benedict! Our parish has a long tradition of excellence, but it's hard to imagine that Father Steve will only be the 9th pastor here. We've been blessed with great leadership here and we are sure the faith-filled leadership will continue. Let us come together as a parish community to pray over Father Steve and the St. Ben's community on October 28th. 

There will also be a reception in the GYM afterwards hosted by the HSA. They will be providing a main dish for the reception, but we are looking for additional food, drink and serviceware donations to make the reception a fitting celebration for Father Steve's Installation. Please consider donating an item. There are drop off days prior to the Installation Mass if that works best for you. Thank you! 

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Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!
 The most well known line of today’s Gospel is the last sentence, “Repay to Cesar what belongs to Cesar and to God what belongs to God”
     This is the mantra that “Catholic” politicians rely on when they give their reason for taking a position that goes against Catholic teaching.  I’m sure you’ve heard it, “Personally I am against abortion (or whatever other issue) but the majority of my constituency is in favor of it.”  The interesting yet unsaid thing is that the church takes its position not out of vapid reasoning or spiritual sentimentality  but from well thought out logic based upon moral law.  It gets to the point that one wants to yell, “Hey Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!” What is it about reducing the population/ objectifying and abusing women and children/ destroying the environment/ abuse of human rights/ not doing anything about genocide/ etc. etc. that you don’t get?!
     It would be unfair to point the finger just upon the politicos of our world. We, myself, included also take the easy way out of “doing” something that may result in inconvenience or being uncomfortable or to put it another way -  not repaying God.  Of course,  active people as we all are, must take care of our other responsibilities such as family, work, and health.  Yet Jesus calls us to remember that this world is not the be all and end all of our life here on earth.  We are called - and yes challenged-- to be responsible for others (the poor, hungry, refugees, immigrants, the unborn, victims of human trafficking)  and other things (the environment, avoiding waste of electricity, natural gas, water).
     Two of my personal heroes come to mind from today’s Gospel - Dorothy Day and Oscar Romero.  Dorothy Day was in her youth a Communist who lived in the 20’s and lived in that lifestyle.  However, her conversion to our faith began when she observed people on their way to early morning mass.  This caused her to rethink her principles.  With the onset of the Great Depression she smelled the coffee and took action establishing house of hospitality feeding, clothing and sheltering the poor.
     Before being named bishop, Oscar Romero was a quiet scholarly parish priest who was believed to be a prelate who would go along with the Salvadorian authorities to keep the oppressed in line and not cause waves.  He smelled the coffee and realized the victimization of the Salvadorian people was repaying Cesar and not God.  He then spoke out against the poverty, social injustice, kidnapping and torturing of his and God’s people.  He paid the ultimate price while he was saying Mass.
     We come to church, we pray, contribute, support various parish activities but can we do more?  Our Parish Ministry fair will be an excellent opportunity to stretch yourself and see what we all can do to repay God … besides, rumor is there will be coffee!

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You are cordially invited to join us at the
St. Benedict Parish MINISTRY FAIR on Sunday morning November 12th.
Visit us after Mass in the Gym for refreshments, fellowship and to learn more about our Parish Ministries. 
There are over 60 ministries at St. Benedict Parish. The ministry activities differ, just as there are many different types of people in the parish. The goal for our Parish Ministry Fair is to celebrate the many ways that we are using our talents and gifts to reflect God’s love, and to help others find a place of joyful service.
In addition to fellowship, this event allows parishioners to gather information, ask questions and explore opportunities for sharing their gifts and growing in their faith at St. Benedict. 
Stop by and see us after Mass on November 12th. Thank you and God Bless!


SATURDAY: 5PM  -  AND  -  SUNDAY: 7:30AM, 9AM,  10:30AM, 12 NOON AND 6:30PM

This week, there will be a 2nd collection for FORWARD IN OUR FAITH, immediately following communion.
Next week, there will be a 2nd collection for WORLD MISSION, immediately following communion.
Thank you for your generosity.


Join in with Youth Ministry where you can share in the fun in our community and grow in faith.

8th grade through High School age are invited to attend First Sunday Fun evenings and Second Sunday Scripture evening and all service opportunities..

There are several opportunities for Service coming up. The sign up genius link can be found here:

7th grade students are invited to participate in service on November 5th ( Bingo at St Paul's House), November 8th (gift tags and sandwich making in the church basement) and November 26th( Bingo at St Paul's House)  and December 17th. ( Serving at Simbnang Gabi here at St. Ben's)

Please email or call Ms. McMillan if you have questions. 773-509-3841

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FRIGHTWALK 2017! SAVE THESE DATES: Oct 20/21/22 and Oct 27/28/29 

Join in Fright Walk as a Volunteer Teens and Adults! - 


Save the Date for our Next
November 5th

After all morning Masses in Beaven Hall.
Sponsored by the Holy Name Society

Catechetical Conversations.jpg

Upcoming Catechetical Conversations at St. Ben's

November 20th at 7pm in the Church “God Has Reconciled the World to Himself
This is a presentation and conversation on the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
All parents of children receiving the Sacrament should attend, but all parishioners are invited to attend.

February 12th at 7pm in the Church “The Center of Our Lives is the Eucharist
This is a presentation and conversation on the Sacrament of Holy Communion.
All parents of children receiving the Sacrament should attend, but all parishioners are invited to attend.

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Spiritual Dream Group - Next Session: Monday, November 20th

In this group we learn to become like a container of sacred space as a group to provide a secure connection between the individual’s inner world and the outer world.  Spiritual dream work affirms that our (nocturnal) dreams offer us support in our spiritual journey.  This work helps us towards living a guided life from within with the support of others and helps us to recognize the symbolic language of the soul. All dreamers are welcome and there is no experience necessary.  I encourage anyone who has been interested in their dreams, but has not had the opportunity to share and explore them further to attend.  This ongoing group will meet on the third Monday of each month at 7 pm until 9 pm in the basement of the rectory in the small meeting room.Please contact Rachel at if you plan to attend.

Are you a crafter or a small business owner and thinking about Christmas?

Join us in December for a Christmas Craft Fair!
The St. Benedict Home and School Association is hosting a day of shopping and holiday cheer for the whole parish to mix, mingle and get a few items checked off of those holiday lists. We’re looking for crafters, parish groups or small business owners to participate in the event. It’s also a great opportunity for your group to fundraise by selling crafts or offering other holiday services (photo booths, gift wrapping, etc). The possibilities are endless!
Date: Sunday, December 10th (after Sunday Masses)
Time: 10 am to 2 pm
Place: St. Benedict Gymnasium
Cost: $25 for an 8’ foot exhibit table
($50 after August 31)
For more information, email Vickie Thornley at


Since the two ‘in pew’ commitment weekends that we hosted for our Capital Campaign, pledges have still been coming into the rectory!  Thank you!  That puts us at $4,604,683 pledged toward our Capital Campaign total need of $6.2 Million dollars.  This is so unbelievably generous and will make a huge impact on our future.  Thank you for your generous support of the Campaign!  And thanks to all the volunteers who worked so hard on the campaign to make us such a huge success.  I am so grateful for your generous spirit that has drawn us together tightly as a parish community.  Everyone pitched in to make this campaign a success; old, young, long time parishioners, new parishioners, single parishioners, families, families with kids in our School, families with kids in our Religious Education, large amounts, small amounts, everyone pitched in!  Thank you!! 
    As successful as we have been, this pledged amount includes only 15% of our registered parishioners to date.  For sure a good number of parishioners have been through one, two, three, or four previous Capital Campaigns and might feel a little ‘campaigned out’.  This is certainly understandable.  But what about the hundreds of households who have never contributed to an extraordinary Capital Campaign like this?  Won’t you please consider a gift to this Campaign that secures our future so boldly?  Pledge cards are located at the St. Benedict Shrine near the Campaign banner.   Your gift will go a long way to make us secure for the future.  Please pray about your gift!  
    May God continue to bless you and those you love.  Please pray for me as I pray for you daily.  God bless, Fr. Jason

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Campaign Details

As many of you may know, last week we announced Forward in Our Faith, a capital campaign for our parish and preparatory school. This campaign will help us address the following needs:
1) Maintenance and upgrades to the church and campus facilities ($2,785,000):
        a. A new roof and complete tuck-pointing of the church
        b. New windows and tuck-pointing for the Leavitt-facing side of the school
        c. Resurfaced parking lot and upgrades to the playground
        d. Upgrades to the boiler room and tuck-pointing for the convent
2) A two-story addition to the elementary and secondary school ($2,750,000)
        a. Multigenerational and multipurpose campus learning center
        b. Three new classrooms
        c. Four preschool classrooms, to replace the secondary school library
3) Stewardship to our wider Church ($440,000)
        a. Our contribution to the Archdiocese’s To Teach Who Christ Is capital  campaign, for Catholic education and faith formation
        b. An educational endowment for our sharing parish, Our Lady of the Snows

To support these projects, we have set ourselves a minimum goal of $4,500,000  and a challenge goal of $6,200,000.

These projects will help us to accomplish a number of goals:
First, maintenance and upgrades to the church and other campus facilities will allow us to preserve our historic church and ensure that our facilities are safe and comfortable places for us to gather and grow together. 

Next, a two-story addition to the elementary and secondary school will allow us to begin implementing 21st century learning spaces, thus strengthening the quality of the innovative Catholic education we already offer our students, as well as affording us valuable extra space for our many gatherings and activities!

Finally, as a parish dedicated to Catholic education and to teaching others in the faith, we are proud to accept the call to stewardship and support Catholic education and faith formation throughout the Archdiocese through the To Teach Who Christ Is capital campaign, and to support Catholic education at Our Lady of the Snows.

Once again, many thanks to our Campaign Executive Committee and the members of our faith family who have already given so generously. We look forward to sharing more updates with you in the coming months!

Calling Interested Retirees in the Parish! Become a volunteer at our beloved parish school!

Did you know that the parish Catholic school welcomes retirees to volunteer in the school? We have several retired parishioners who help out on a regular basis in the school. Some activities include working with young students in early childhood classrooms, receptionist subs, tutoring, classroom assistants, library assistant and advancement secretarial work. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Ms. Rachel Gemo, Head of Parish School for more information. We think it is a great way for retirees to stay active and for our students to experience intergenerational learning. Call Ms. Gemo at 773-463-6797 ext 404 or email her at


Offering our Time, Talent and Treasure to our Parish
And to God who has blessed us abundantly!

Our first hour of our time goes to God every Sunday in the Mass and receiving Jesus in the Eucharist.

Please CLICK HERE to download the Ministry Volunteer Form and let us know what ministries to which you are interested in offering your time. Thank you!

New Procedures for Requesting Graphic Design Work or Communications Requests:

When Requesting E-blast Communications, Facebook Postings, Website Assistance, Graphic Design Work and the Like...

We are fortunate to have several talented people in our Mission Advancement Office who can help design and create communications and graphic design work for school needs. Maria Tubay, our Director of Communications for the Parish and School,  Joe Accardi, our Mission Advancement Officer, Janet Gallagher, our Director of Admissions Grades K-5 & Fund Our Future Appeal Coordinator, as well as Erik Petersen, our Director of Secondary Admissions.

Our goal is to use the time of each member of the Advancement Staff as wisely as possible. Smaller project requests can be done by most members of the Mission Advancement Staff, while Maria Tubay can take on much more sophisticated design projects (as well as do the weekly parish bulletin).

In order to help prioritize projects and use staff members in thoughtful, purposeful ways , ALL REQUESTS for communications or graphic design work, will be submitted by an electronic ticketing system. These requests will be funneled through either Fr. Jason for PARISH COMMISSION requests, or Joe Accardi for EDUCATION COMMISSION requests, who will then parcel out the assignments as needed depending on the Advancement Team’s work load.  If you have any questions about this, please contact Mr. Joe Accardi at Thank you so much!

Click here to submit PARISH COMMISSION project requests

Click here to submit EDUCATION COMMISSION project requests

Refugee Support Event – Sunday October 8th

Join us on Sunday October 8th after the 9 am Mass in Beaven Hallfor an educational presentation on refugee support provided by Heartland Alliance. This organization advances the human rights and responds to the human needs of endangered populations—particularly the poor, the isolated, and the displaced—through the provision of comprehensive and respectful services and the promotion of permanent solutions leading to a more just global society. Come and learn how you can be part of this effort to help others!