Sunday Sharing March 31 - Creators in Christ


In this Sunday’s second reading, it says, “Whoever is in Christ is a creation: the old things have passed away; behold new things have come.” When I think about the remaining few months of the school year, I can’t help but reflect on where we started and how much we have accomplished. It was just in August; our students came to us eager about the what the year ahead might bring. Some highlights thus far include: Read Around the Block, Fun Run week, 4th grade Peace Prayer Service, 5th grade guest speaker from NASA, Holy Fire, literature circles, the Christmas Shows, and completing 286,350 IXL math problems and counting as an Upper School. We have learned fearlessly, lead responsibly and served joyfully.

In essence, all that we have accomplished has passed. Through these experiences though, we are evolving as individuals and a community, and together, new things are being created. All the lessons and experiences we have shared have prepared us for the moments that will soon be upon us. As we embark on this period of final preparation, we are eager, hopeful and prayerful in the blessings & gifts these culminating efforts will bring. We are capable of facing the new challenges up ahead and ready to receive their resulting lessons and impact.

Our students are inspired by faith as they prepare for the Holy Thursday Prayer Service as well as Living Stations of the Cross. Our students are engaging in an active learning experience that recognizes their God given gifts as they prepare for the Spring Play “Seedfolk.” Our students are innovative and resilient in their preparations for the Young Inventors Fair. Our 6th, 7th & 8th grade students are preparing our 5th graders for a smooth transition into middle school. Our students will be informed with a global perspective, through their week-long immersion experiences of Agora.

Everything we do here is to support our students. We are the helping hands and the guiding light along their journey. We provide opportunities for them to realize their efforts and hard work are an investment in themselves and in our community. Our hope is that one day, they use this investment to do good. They are creators in Christ - the creators and contributors of tomorrow.