30 Hour Fast

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Teens, Would you like to do something to raise awareness and raise money to end Word Hunger?

Doing the 30 Hour Fast will help.

Fasting has a long history in our faith as a way of strengthening our spiritual life. CRS Food Fast connects the tradition of Catholic fasting with global hunger and it’s so much more than skipping a few meals. It’s a life-changing experience. During the fast we get a glimpse into the experience of hunger and it’s prevalence in our world. Do you want to make a difference? Do the 30 hour Fast March 9-March 10th. Grounded in Catholic social teaching we will fast to raise awareness and raise money for our brothers and sisters who are hungry.  In collaboration with St Edward and St Andrew youth ministries we will stay at St Edward parish from 12:00 noon and Saturday until 6:15 am Sunday morning, March 10th.

Sign up here to receive more information: http://bit.ly/StBenYMjan2019