Spiritual Life Ministries

Eucharist is the source and summit of our life together as a community begins at our Mass on Saturday night and Sunday morning.   This is when we are most authentically the St. Benedict community, when we are literally in Communion with one another.  Community begins first with Communion.  The word community derives from Communion.  It is from this weekly Eucharistic gathering (Communion) that we receive our mandate and then go forth and engage in every other ministry of our parish.  Our Mass is our primary and most important gathering every week, in fact, every day.    

The Spiritual Life Commission gathers together, first and foremost, our Liturgy Committee that plans and helps to execute our Sunday Mass.  In addition to the Liturgy Committee, many other ministries are represented in the Spiritual Life Commission.  These ministries help point us to our Sunday

Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP)

Adults pursue deeper relationship in Christ

Senior Ministry

Provides opportunities for parish seniors to gather and enjoy spiritual growth opportunities throughout the year.  Activities include trips, prayer times and shared meals.  

Holy Thursday Seder and Pot Luck

Theology on Tap

Coordinate lecture/discussion series for young adults

Wedding Coordinators

Assist in wedding rehearsals and weddings

Bible Study

Season opportunities to reflect and learn about Scripture